Kol Anderson

Kol Anderson Is Here, And He’d Love To Help You Find Your “Soulmate”

TNA: Hi, Kol, it’s so great having you here with us today. Thanks for stopping by. So, why don’t we get right to it?

TNA: Who would you say are your biggest literary influences?

KA: Bret Easton Ellis, Dostoevsky and Oscar Wilde.

TNA: Who would you say was your biggest real-life influence? Was there someone who encouraged your love of writing?

KA: I have friends who have always believed in me. They were always there and I felt their encouragement and they still help keep me going to this day.

TNA: You write about some pretty intense subject matter. What attracts you to the darker side of sex in your writing and makes you want to push those boundaries a little?

KA: I’m attracted to the darker side of life in general, so naturally the same goes for the MM stuff I’ve been writing so far. I don’t think I ever sit down and think “yeah, how can we make this darker?” Some character will show up inside my head, and I’ll sit down and start writing and go where the story takes me. As for pushing boundaries, I think erotica writers are supposed to push boundaries. I don’t know how long we can keep writing the formula-based stories and still feel inspired and churn out good work.

TNA: Is there anything you would never write about, anything you consider taboo that will never make its way into one of your books?

KA: Look, we all know what’s right and what’s wrong. Molesting children is wrong. Period. You don’t need someone to tell you that and if you do, that’s a whole other debate. So as far as consensual adults go, why should I care what they do or don’t do? But yes, everyone has likes and dislikes, and I’ve never been into bodily fluids, etc. There’s some bloody stuff going on in the books, but that’s just my noir/horror-lover side talking. I may always have some very violent stuff going on. But like I said, I never write something to just disturb the reader; I write it to explain the situation as best as I can, in the way I want to. The Prisoner, for instance, is a story about a guy getting raped and tortured and still trying to survive. If you’re into the rape fantasy thing, you will like the scenes but if you’re not, it will be a bit too gory for you, but what can I say? I can’t write something that pleases every person on the planet.

TNA: So, speaking of the dark and steamy and taboo, tell us, if you will, a little bit about your upcoming release, Soul-Mate.

KA: Soul-Mate is a story about a guy who finds himself being attracted to his brother, whereas the brother isn’t even aware of it. It’s not the whole “oh, my brother gave me a hicky and I still can’t tell it’s incest” plot either. Just like the other stories that I write, there’s a whole lot going on in the background that propels the story forward. It is definitely steamy and definitely taboo but hey, you know, it’s like Tarantino says, “You don’t go to see Metallica and ask the fuckers to turn the music down.” ;)

TNA: Do any of your characters ever surprise you with the intensity of their wants and needs as you’re fleshing them out?

KA: I think Vincent (The Prisoner) did. I mean he’s an asshole and I’ve always secretly liked him. I know it’s the masochist in me talking but seriously he’s a psycho. People wonder if real human beings can go from one mind frame to another in so little time, if they can be that unpredictable, well I can only say you haven’t met my exes. I am writing another full-length novel by the title of HEART and those characters are very intense and they keep surprising me.

TNA: Of all the characters you’ve created, do you have a favorite? If so, who and why?

KA: Well, right now, the story that I’m working on, HEART, that MC is most definitely my current favorite. But from previous ones, I’d say Aaron is my favorite character. He’s not manipulative, he’s forgiving and despite the whole thing with Vince, he still falls in love with him. To some people that might seem like a weakness, and they might think of him as insecure, but I think he just does it for love. Because he doesn’t know any other way. Because when he gets even a small bit of kindness or love from someone, he makes sure he gives a lot more in return. I think he forgives people for their shortcomings and just loves them, warts and all.

TNA: Do you have an all-time favorite literary character? If so, who and why?

KA: Tyler Durden. I mean I love that guy, doesn’t matter if he’s the typical office-going loser or the instigator of Project Mayhem. I love his voice. I love his voice when he’s telling me about Marla Singer and insomnia and I love his voice when he speaks like a soap salesman cum film projector technician. I’m not a supporter of nihilism, but I love that idea in fiction. Okay, so maybe just a teeny tiny bit nihilistic…

TNA: I know you and I both share a mad love for Oscar Wilde. If you were able to sit down and talk with him, what are some things you’d like to ask him?

KA: Well, I’d definitely ask him why he couldn’t have made those characters a little more gay. Also, how much of Henry’s ramblings were actually his own secret beliefs.

TNA: Would you care to share a little bit of information on any of your current WIPs?

KA: I think I want to talk about HEART. It’s the first full-length that I’m working on, and I really think it’s going to be one of my best works so far. It’s the story of a guy who’s a slut in every sense of the word. He literally sleeps around like nobody’s business. But he has that one night stand only rule, right? Now suddenly, after this particular one night stand, he has sex with someone who’s actually mean to him. But he can’t help falling for him all the same. Of course, the love interest in concern just looks like a major jerk and comes across as manipulative.

TNA: Where can readers find you on the internet?

KA: I have a profile on goodreads and Amazon http://amazon.com/author/kolanderson and https://www.facebook.com/authorkolanderson.

TNA: Would you like share an excerpt from Soulmate with us?

KA: Here’s the excerpt:

Kayden rubbed his hands in an effort to warm them but the cold he felt wasn’t because of the weather alone. He was getting anxious and nothing had even gone down yet. He came out of the bar and turned into the back alley that was usually filled with people looking for a fast fuck but for some reason happened to be entirely deserted today.

“Hey,” Kayden heard the male voice before he saw him walking his way.

“Hey,” he said in return.

The boy stood there, green eyes glinting under the effect of the streetlights. His face had an oddly exotic appeal with the dark hair and high cheekbones. His eyes watched Kayden closely and he showed no desire to hide it. He lit a cigarette before he introduced himself.

“I’m Jacob,” he offered his hand. It was the first time Kayden had an actual feel of him and he couldn’t help but feel a little tingle inside.


Jacob was still staring at him with mischief in his eyes. “You don’t remember me do you?”

Kayden tried to jog his memory. “Should I?”

“Perhaps I wasn’t able to make the kind of impression on you that you made on me.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’m sorry I have a knack of being cryptic,” Jacob said. “We bumped into each other—literally bumped—back at Beretta’s hangout. Remember? You were coming out and I was going in and we collided by the sliding door?”

“Right, I remember now.”

The grin on Jacob’s face widened. “Why are you nervous?”

Kayden tried to look away. “No reason.”

More staring.

“So?” Jacob asked at last. “Your place or mine?”

“Your place is fine.”

Jacob blew smoke through his nose and smiled. “Sure about this?”

Kayden rubbed his hands together again. “I’m sure.”

Jacob’s eyes were still prying, searching as he took the remainder of the cigarette out of his lips and ground it under his boots.

“Let’s go.”


Thanks again to Kol for being here with us today.


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  1. I’ve read everything else he’s written. The subject matter makes me a little squirmy but it’s Kol…I’ll read it!!


  2. I really enjoyed the interview and looking forward to getting to Soulmate. My only problem right now is waiting to see what happens to Aaron in Broken! Not sure I will ever come around from seeing Vince as an evil SOB though.


  3. I have to admit The Prisoner was a bit too much for me but the writing was so good that I’d really like to try more of Kol’s writing. Thank you for the interview and the giveaway.


  4. Thanks for they interview and giveaway. Soul-Mate sounds interesting and different from the normal fare. I have added it to my TBR list. Also noted that on Amazon it is part of the Prime program. So, if you have Prime, you can borrow it for free, which is a plus. :-)


  5. I appreciate honesty in an author, in their writing. If the goal is either to sensationalize a subject or wring a certain emotion out of me as a reader, I don’t want that. If it’s authentic, whether the story is a sweet tale of teens in love or dark exploration of sexuality, I am in. I love fiction that makes me think and explore feelings, and for me, that means the whole gamut of them. Thanks for sharing with us, Kol.


  6. Kol’s type of writing isn’t usually my thing… but I like to try just about everything at least once, and I’m glad that I did… look forward to reading more of his work in the future.


  7. Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend ahead.

    Kol Anderson’s contest is now closed and the winner has been selected. An E-copy of Soul-Mate will be headed your way soon…

    Allison Hickman!

    Congrats, Allison, I’ve already giving Kol your contact information, so expect to hear from him soon. :)


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