Good Things Happen When “Love Comes Home” – Reviewed by Jackie

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

Title: Love Comes Home (Senses: Book Three)

Author: Andrew Grey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 200 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: When architect Gregory Hampton’s son, Davey, starts having trouble in Little League, Greg takes him to an eye doctor. The diagnosis hits them hard. Davey’s sight is degenerating rapidly, and eventually he’ll go blind.
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Julie Lynn Hayes Delivers An Entertaining Paranormal Romance In “When Will I See You Again” – Reviewed by Sammy

“We can draw lessons from the past, but we cannot live in it.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

Title: When Will I See You Again

Author: Julie Lynn Hayes

Publisher: Amber Quill Press (Amber Allure)

Pages/Word Count: 254 Pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Blurb: Raoul Marchand is the crown prince of Charisma, the infamous night club in Crescent Bay, renowned for its supernatural clientele.
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Annabelle Jacobs Brings The Kingdom Of Torsere To Life In “Capture” And “Union”

“It’s a very brave and noble thing, to risk one’s life to save that of another.” – Annabelle Jacobs

Title: Capture (Torsere: Book One) and Union (Torsere: Book Two)

Author: Annabelle Jacobs

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 200 Pages/230 Pages

Rating: 4.5 Stars Overall

Blurb: Over two hundred years ago, when dragons were hunted for their blood, the King of Torsere offered them sanctuary. In return, the dragons bestowed a magical gift on the King’s people, allowing those born with the mark to become dragon riders and forge a mental connection between dragon and rider.
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The “Electric Candle” Blog Tour Stops Here Today, And Elizabeth Noble’s Giving Away A Copy Of The Book


TNA: Hi, Elizabeth, thanks so much for being here with us today. Why don’t we start out by having you tell us a little bit about yourself: hobbies, interests, things we might not know about you but should?

Elizabeth: Thank you so much for having me today!

When I’m not writing I garden, faux paint my house and I’m a huge astronomy buff.

TNA: Have you always written M/M Romance, or is that something that came along later in your writing career? What is it that drew you into wanting to explore gay relationships in your writing?

Elizabeth: I’ve always written stories, ever since I was very young. Before I learned to read and write I told the stories. For many years I wrote mainly scifi for personal enjoyment. Then along came the internet and I discovered fanfic. I wrote a lot of that in both general and M/M categories while participating in a fandom.

The first M/M story I read in fandom I found completely by accident. I thought since there were two character names with that slash between them that meant they were the only people in the story. It was a surprise, but I was sort of hooked from there.

I enjoy writing about gay relationships in part because it is a very different relationship from two women or a man and woman. There is something about the relationship between two men, how they communicate and relate to each other that I find fascinating to explore. And let’s face it, they’re simply plain hot.

TNA: What was your first published M/M title? Do you remember the precise moment you came up with the story idea and knew you wouldn’t rest until it was told? What was that moment of inspiration like?

Elizabeth: My first professionally published M/M title is Marked Yours (book #1 of Sentries series). Yes, I absolutely remember when that plot bunny sunk its teeth into my leg! I was reading through a site where people posted requests for recommendations about books with a variety of plots and in a number of genres. There were two, one right after the other that made me go ‘Ah HA!’ I could write a very cool story by combining those ideas.

It was a great bit of inspiration for me, since I’d been interested in trying my hand at M/M and couldn’t come up with the right plot. I’m currently finishing up book #5 of that series with a planned six books in all.

TNA: If you could go back in time, to the moment you sat down and began writing that first book, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give yourself now that you have the benefit of experience?

Elizabeth: I think the most important thing I’d tell myself would be to stop talking about submitting that manuscript and stop asking my friends if I should submit it and send the darn thing.

TNA: Do you remember the first M/M book you ever read? If so, what was it, and what about it made the most lasting impression upon you?

One of the first I read was Lou Sylvre’s Loving Luki Vasquez. Lou writes mystery/action romance. I think the thing that stood out to me the most was how incredibly well written it was. I’d never been much of a M/F romance fan because often the plot was loose and the writing sloppy and the story cookie-cutter.

I’ve since found that often M/M romance written by my favorite writers tell a good story, there are very strong plots. The romance portion of the books is only one aspect of the story and I love that.

TNA: How would you describe your books to someone who hasn’t read them yet? Do your characters share common qualities? If so, what’s your idea of a great protagonist?

Elizabeth: I’d describe my books as a lot of action/adventure spiced with mystery and romance.

I’m sure many of my characters share traits and qualities. At least one character in every book is a coffee-holic and they all love their dogs and horses.

A great protagonist, like any character, needs to be someone a reader will connect with. The reader has to be interested in their story and want to know what happens to them.

TNA: Electric Candle is the second book in the Sleepless City series, the first, Shades of Sepia by Anne Barwell. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got involved in writing a book in a series with another author, and if there will be other authors contributing to the series too?

Elizabeth: The Sleepless City has an interesting story to it. Anne and I met and became friends via Dreamspinner, we both had our first books published around the same time. We often chatted online, Anne’s in Wellington, New Zealand and I’m in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Anyway, we’re chatting away about our books, projects we’d like to do and things we have done. Anne also came from a fanfic background, though a different fandom.

We spent some time discussing characters or stories we had that we’d like to see in our original fiction. Anne is a big fantasy fan, I’m more scifi. She was the one who came up with the idea of an urban fantasy series, it was something she wanted to do. I had a character, a vampire, I’d worked on that would be a good fit.

Viola! The Sleepless City was created. The name of the series arose from the idea this city has all sorts of beings and they abound day as well as night. The city’s origins and those of its nickname are touched on in the fourth book, Checkmate.

To date there are no plans to add other authors.

TNA: Tell us a little bit about Flint, Ohio and what makes it an attractive place for vampires.

Elizabeth: We wanted to create a fictional town and agreed on Ohio since I live here and would know lots of smaller details about this area. Flint is on the southern shores of Lake Erie and is named for all the flint stone in the area. It’s based off the part of Cleveland I live in and the suburb I work in, which is Lakewood, Ohio.

What makes it great for vampires? And werewolves for that matter? Ohio was once the great American frontier. Two of our vamps were born before the American Revolution and one was a fur trapper who spent time with the native Americans of the area. They and those like them settled in what would become Flint because it was off the beaten path, a place they could live in peace.

And really, where else would supernatural beings reside than on a lake called Erie?

TNA: What would you say sets your vampires apart from the rest, or did you purposely stick with Bram Stoker’s vampire canon?

Elizabeth: My vampire lore expert is Anne Barwell. This is my first real foray into the world of vamps and I never really got much into Bram Stoker or any of the others. I’m sure I drove Anne absolutely nuts every time she said vampires do this or that and I asked: why?

Our vampires aren’t undead, they’re a different species, but all start as human. They’re ‘changed’ by an infection passed along by another vampire. That infection can only be transmitted during specific times.

Sunlight doesn’t cause them to burst into flames but silver sure does hurt them. We took bits of traditional vampire lore that we liked and created other aspects that we felt were a better fit for our series. We wanted them to be recognized as vampires, but at the same time we had to set them apart from everyone else’s vampires.

I think we did a pretty decent job of doing that.

TNA: If you could describe Forge and Declan in just a few sentences, what would you say about who they are, and why they work together as a couple?

Elizabeth: Forge and Declan have known one another for somewhere around 200 years. They’ve been friends and lovers but they are not destined to be soul mates even though they know each other better than anyone else.

Forge does find his soul mate during Electric Candle, however it’s not a match made in heaven, in fact their start is rather bumpy. Both Forge and Declan have to face the fact their time as lovers is over and preserve their friendship in the process.

TNA: Would you care to share an excerpt from Electric Candle with us?

Elizabeth: Well, since you’ve asked… yes I would:

Excerpt: No one was there, yet Forge couldn’t shake the feeling he wasn’t alone. He wandered down the beach a few yards. Water splashing against the shore and spraying up made him go closer for a better look. The lake’s edge here wasn’t gently sloping sand but a sharp lip of concrete. Hunkering on the ledge, Forge leaned over for a look.

The wall ran a good half mile in either direction. He could see large spots that were darker than the surrounding area. Forge had read about the secret rooms constructed all along Lake Erie during Prohibition. Illegal booze and guns were stashed in them. One could only access the rooms by going under water. At high tide, many of the outer parts of the rooms were completely submerged. He’d never been in one.

More than likely he’d have to get wet to justify the expense of divers. Forge was still contemplated getting a dive team in when he heard shouting.

“Stop. Wait!”

The voice sounded familiar, but Forge couldn’t place it. That always made him nuts. Turning, he looked up at the top of the stairs. Then he squinted and shook his head. Who belonged to the voice made him stare in a type of horrified wonder, like one looked at a train wreck.

The fact his cock picked then to persistently remind him of its presence and give a few twitches and throbs didn’t help.

It was a man, though the horror Forge was feeling might have been less if it’d been a woman. He wore what appeared to be homemade steampunk goggles with dark lenses, a long sleeved black shirt, and black jeans.

“Sweet mother of God, is that a cape?” Forge muttered and took a few steps forward. “No, stop, don’t—”

It was too late. The oddly dressed man began to run down the steps—the slippery, wet steps, waving his arms. He’d gone about three steps when his feet slid out from under him and his rear hit the stone stairs. The man yelped, and Forge’s cock gave another twitch. He had the fleeting thought of how disturbing on several levels that was.

“What the hell?” Forge ran to the bottom of the stairs.

Bouncing head over heels down the steps, the guy finally flopped to one side and rolled the remainder of the way down, finishing his descent with a hearty splash in the chilly lake water.

Floundering and shouting, the man slapped the lake’s surface, went under, bobbed up, and spit water out of his mouth, and garbled, “Can’t… swim.”

Throwing his arms wide, Forge grumbled, “It’s not as if vampires drown.”

The guy went under, the water churned, but he didn’t come to the surface. Jerking his jacket off and dropping it to the ground, Forge made sure his phone was with the garment.

“This has got to be a joke. A really bad joke.” Forge ran to the edge and dove in. The only thing that prevented him from ejaculating the second his fingers touched the man was the cold water. He shuddered when he pulled the guy against his chest and wrapped one arm around him, using the other to help propel them to the surface.

When he got to the concrete edge, he hefted the guy over and onto the ground. Forge hoisted himself out of the water and hit the guy, who looked to be in his twenties, between the shoulder blades to expel lake water.

A shiver and spark of electricity ran from Forge’s palm and coursed down his spine to settle in his groin.

This couldn’t be his soul mate. Yet even as he finished that thought, he knew, and there was no denying what his body was telling him. The fool dressed as some superhero wannabe in a really bad outfit was Jonas Forge’s mate for eternity.

Forge wondered if other vampires would penalize him for killing his soul mate.

TNA: I know this is sort of like asking you to name your favorite child, but of all the books you’ve written, do you have a favorite? If so, which and why?

Elizabeth: My favorite tends to be whatever I’m working on at the moment. However, one book I’ll go back and read for pleasure is book #4 of Sentries, Collared Souls. That book has all sorts of action, espionage and horses. The characters are an established couple (my favorite type) and have finally hit their stride with one another. The story is a romance, not the start of the romance, but the lifelong sort of romance that I find much more fulfilling. The focus shifted from the couple becoming a couple to the couple solving what the world throws at them together.

TNA: If you could bring one of your characters off the page and into the real world, whom would you most like to spend time with, and what makes him/her someone you think you could be friends with?

Elizabeth: Jonas Forge. The guy is almost 240 years old. He’s lived through all sorts of changes, embraced them, moved with the times and loves all the modern tech of the day. That has got to be an interesting person.

TNA: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Elizabeth: Oh, I don’t know. Teleportation because I hate to drive.

TNA: If time travel were possible, to what time period would you most like to travel and why?

Elizabeth: The future, preferably when there is interplanetary travel because I’m nosy and want to know what is going to happen.

TNA: Would you care to share a little bit of information on any of your current WIPs with us?

Elizabeth: I’d be delighted! I have a few in various stages of being written.

There is the next in the Sentries series which involves our favorite shifter hunters posing as a gambler and his slave on a riverboat.

A scifi trilogy that’s an adventure through a portal to another world complete with dinosaurs.

Some more of The Sleepless City. In the final book in our current story arch, which I’ll finish late this year, all the characters Anne and I have created are together and working on tying up all the bits of the mystery begun in the first book, Anne Barwell’s Shades of Sepia. We have been plotting and planning books with the same characters and storylines that will take place after we finish this four book series. Think of The Sleepless City as the first mini-series…lol

TNA: And finally, would you kindly share with us all the places we can find you on the internet?

Elizabeth: Visit my website, there is a sign up for my newsletter, and purchase links to Dreamspinner, Amazon and more: Website | Facebook Profile | Facebook Page | Google+ | The Sleepless City site

Blurb: When a vampire finds his soul mate, the bond is forever. It’s love at first sight. Or is it?

Flint, Ohio, Homicide Detective Jonas Forge has been a vampire for nearly two hundred years. He’s fought wars, seen life go from the simple but hard colonial days to the modern, high-tech world. He’s evolved with the times, adapting with each new era, blending into each new life. The one constant is his best friend and lover, Declan.

Until Forge’s soul mate tumbles, literally, into his life.

Even though they’re not fated to be together forever, Forge and Declan are perfectly happy. Despite the pheromone attracting him to his soul mate, Forge isn’t thrilled with the guy, and the feeling seems mutual. While trying to adjust to his clumsy soul mate and equally awkward feelings, Forge is on the hunt for the serial killer who’s leaving a trail of bodies, and who witnesses can’t identify. But Forge better watch out. When his work collides with his love life, things really heat up.

The Rafflecopter Giveaway: A Signed Copy Of Electric Candle

Elizabeth Noble’s “Electric Candle” Isn’t Exactly Love At First Sight – Reviewed by Jackie

“What if you find your soul mate… at the wrong time?” ― Lauren Kate

Title: Electric Candle (The Sleepless City: Book Two)

Author: Elizabeth Noble

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 200 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Flint, Ohio Homicide Detective Jonas Forge has been a vampire for nearly two hundred years. He’s fought wars, seen life go from the simple but hard colonial days to the modern high tech world. He’s evolved with the times, adapting with each new era, blending into each new life. The one constant is his best friend and lover, Declan.
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Kate Sherwood’s “Mark of Cain” Is A Challenging And Thought Provoking Read – Reviewed by Tina


“It had felt like Lucas was being swept along in a powerful river and he’d reached out to grab hold of Mark, standing safely on the bank. But Lucas hadn’t wanted to be rescued, he’d wanted to pull Mark into the current with him. Maybe they’d have drowned or maybe they’d have ridden the rapids together.” – Kate Sherwood

Title: Mark of Cain

Author: Kate Sherwood

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 338 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: When a man is consumed by hatred, is there anything left to love?
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Cat Grant And L.A. Witt Know “The Only One Who Matters” – Reviewed by Kim

“The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.” ― Ellen Glasgow

Title: The Only One Who Matters (The Only One: Book Two)

Author: Cat Grant & L.A. Witt

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 183 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: No man—and no heart—left behind.
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It’s A Countdown To RainbowCon Visit From K-lee Klein, And She’s Brought A Giveaway


TabbysPrideWhen I sat down to write this post—okay, more like fretted about it for over a week—I had no topic whatsoever in my head, so I made a list of the books I’ve written. I discovered that out of eighteen stories of varying lengths and plots, nine of them, including my new release in May, Tabby’s Pride, involve at least one musician.

The first original I wrote for public consumption was a free story called Outfoxed. I had written plenty of fanfiction that I’d shared, Alexander the Great and a lot of bandslash, so writing about musicians was something familiar to me. It came about when I chose a prompt pic in a m/m romance group on GR. I saw it and knew it was for me. Since then I’ve written a lot of musicians whether music was the main focus of the book or not.

My musicians have been as varied as the stories they’ve inhabited—wild or mellow, up-and-coming or broken, with even a couple of vampire-wolf rockstars thrown in the mix. And they exist because of my love for music and the men who make it. I’m a groupie from way back, and live music is still one of my favorite pastimes.

I also get easily obsessed with songs and lyrics, plus the creativity and passion that musicians put into their work is a big turn-on and inspiration to me. I’ve written lyrics in a few of my stories, too, most notably Unbreak My Heart and Unbroken Hearts, and I can honestly say I adore doing that.

Most songs are poetry set to music anyhow, and because I love all kinds of poetry, it was almost a natural profession for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any delusions about being an actual song-writer, but I really enjoy writing emotion-filled verses.

But back to the musical characters I’ve written. There’s just something romantic about a man who sings or plays guitar, someone who is expressing their passion in a way they love, and in most cases, making people happy while they’re doing it. Whether it’s pairing a polar opposite rockstar with an average-Joe, two rock and roll hotties falling in love, a singer who gave up his dream out of grief, or a paranormal rocker mated to a witch—they’re fun and fulfilling for me to write.

So before I stop expounding my love for musical characters, here’s some info on what parts they play in my books, including my new one Tabby’s Pride.

1. Outfoxed—which I still hope to make into a full-sized novel—was about two rock band members and best friends, Rylan Rivers & Gage Galeano, in an open relationship who finally decide to take it to the next level.

2. Theme of Hearts was a short sequel to Outfoxed.

3 & 4. Lazy Sundays and Lazy Valentines—also to be made full-length in the near future-starred down-to-earth but OCD-inflicted, Scott Weston, and sweet-as-pie, hot-as-hell, metal rocker Devon Ducaine.

5. The PI & the Rockstar seems like a pretty self-explanatory title since Mason Stason was a PI and Jade Jonathan Lee was a rock/popstar.

6 & 7. Unbreak My Heart and the sequel Unbroken Hearts star former country singer Brett Taylor and city boy, JT Campbell.

8. Ali’s Intuition, the second in the Family of Misfits series, has my white witch and mama-bear of the family, Ali Arbiteur, finding his spirit mate in Kalo Petulengro who is a world-renowned rockstar.

9. Tabby’s Pride will be released from Amber Quill/Allure on May 18. It’s about a band called Lion’s Pride, so that’s also self-explanatory.

Since I’m offering an e-copy of Tabby’s Pride to one winner that won’t be out until May 18, I’ll also give the option of something on my backlist instead. Here’s the blurb for Tabby. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see some of you at Rainbow Con. If you’re there, say hello because sometimes I can be shy.

To enter K-lee’s giveaway, just leave a comment right here and you’re eligible to win. Comments must be received by Midnight Pacific time on Friday, April 18, 2014. One winner will be selected at random on Saturday, the 19th, and notified via email for prize delivery.

Good luck!

Graphic Art by Karrie Jax

Graphic Art by Karrie Jax

Blurb: Levi Tabberton dreamed of being a rockstar ever since his brother’s best friend showed him his guitar when he was young. But being a member of Lion’s Pride has overshadowed even his goal of rockstardom.

Alexander Morrison is laid-back, caring and has taken Levi under his wing—paw—but Levi’s guilt and insecurity hold him back from letting Xan see the real him.

Levi wants to prove himself to the band and to Xan, but the lengths he’s gone to have left his mind and body exhausted and in jeopardy. Has he made the right choice or will his dreams fade in a catastrophe of lies and uncertainty?


Xan leaned forward on the table, his head cocked to the right as he stared unblinkingly at Levi. His braids fell perfectly around his face as he frowned. Levi lowered his head again, tugging on his cap until he could barely see anything.

Dammit. Everything was going to hell. Levi could just feel it in the rolling stress of his muscles, the muddled flailing of his thoughts, and the rapidly growing haste of the blood through his veins.

“Levi?” Kevin was talking to him again and Levi recognized that he was acting like a big dumb idiot. “I asked if you were one of those egos.”

“Um, no. I’m good with just going with the flow.” What a stupid thing to say.

“You look really familiar to me. Have we met before?” Xan was still gazing at him and Levi shifted a little more in his stance. He shook his head and licked across his suddenly parched lips. “Can you take the hat off, man?”

Kevin’s accent interrupted the flow of Xan’s words. “Since when are we basing this on looks, Xan? It’s an audition, not goddamn Grindr.”

Xan whispered in his ear, but it was loud enough for Levi to hear as well. “There’s just something about him.”

“Okay,” Kevin said through clenched teeth. “How about taking the hat off for a sec, mate? That okay?”

Levi’s heart dropped into his stomach and the menagerie settled there, immediately attacking. Raising a hand to his head, he gripped the brim between two fingers and tugged it off. His long, black bangs slipped over his eyes, and he habitually pushed them aside.

“You look just like…”

“Tommy,” Levi and Xan said the name at the same time and Xan quickly shoved his chair back. He shrugged Kevin’s tentative hand from his shoulder and moved to stand in front of Levi.

“Who are you? Holy fuck…Tabby? You’re Tabby Tabberton, aren’t you?”

“Not Tabby! But I used to be Malcolm, yes.” Levi took a step back when Xan invaded his personal space, their eye contact making him break out in a sweat. He also had a very uncomfortable, inappropriate urge to hump Xan’s leg. Focus, Levi, focus. “You’re the only one who ever called me Tabby, and I dropped the Malcolm. You used to be Alex back then, too.”

He just stared at Levi, all big, beautiful eyes and sexy look of wonder. If there hadn’t been anyone else in the room, Levi wasn’t sure he wouldn’t have had Xan on the floor beneath him—writhing, moaning, biting, sucking, fucking himself on Xan’s cock. With his hands balled-up into fists at his sides, he took a cautious step back, unsure of just exactly what he would or wouldn’t do.

Luckily, Kevin broke the stand-off, interrupting the pull Levi felt to get closer to Xan.

“Care to share with the class, Alex?”

“Fuck off, Kev.” Xan’s words didn’t match his look. “God, it’s been what? Three, four years?”

“Six since…” Levi tugged his hat back on as he clasped his hands behind his back, his fingers trembling with the exertion. He couldn’t say the rest, stuck with a jumble of emotions on his tongue.

Xan finished for him. “Tommy’s funeral. Wow. Can’t believe it’s been that long already, and you look so diff—”

“Xan?” Don tapped his fingers on the table. “Are we continuing or taking another break?”

Levi broke eye contact with Xan again, reaching down to curl his fingers around the handle of his guitar case. He was uncertain whether they’d even let him play now, or whether he could play at all with the highly adrenalized state of his body, but he had to take the chance. He hadn’t come so far and done so much to be turned away.

Evil Returns To Finish What It Started In A.M. Arthur’s “Prodigal” – Reviewed by Jackie

“Evil might not prevail in the end, but it certainly doesn’t fail to devastate in its time.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

Title: Prodigal

Author: A.M. Arthur

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 85 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: When the bizarre murder of an old classmate reunites ex-lovers Ethan and Jesse, a shared childhood secret draws them back together as an otherworldly killer tries to tear them apart for good.
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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

novel-approach-facebook-iconHi, everyone, I hope you all had a great week. Thanks for dropping by to see what we’ve got coming up. The most exciting thing going on this coming week for me is that Jackie and I will be heading to RainbowCon in Tampa to represent The Novel Approach, but mostly we’re going to have fun, meet with readers and authors, and get up to general shenanigans with friends.

We’ve also added two new authors to the Countdown to GayRomLit Celebration—Jacob Flores and Sherrie Henry. Jacob’s visit is coming up on April 21st, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, here’s what we have on tap this week:

MondayK-lee Klein comes calling for the RainbowCon Countdown Celebration, and she’s got a giveaway to go with it

TuesdayElizabeth Noble is our guest on her Electric Candle blog tour, and there’s a tour-wide giveaway

WednesdayJR Loveless joins us as our final guest in the Countdown to RainbowCon Celebration, and she’ll have little swag to give away

We also have Laura Harner with us today, as Pride Promotions presents a Book Blast and a tour-wide giveaway

ThursdayJP Barnaby is here today with a Backlist Book Bump of her Little Boy Lost series, and there’ll be a giveaway

FridayK.A. Mitchell joins us with a little Bad Influence interview and a giveaway

Remember that little peek you got at Mary Calmes’s Ears, Eggs and Bunnies? Well, today’s the day you’ll get to see the story in its entirety. It’s only a little taste of Sam and Jory, but it’s nothing less than solid proof Sam Kage still has his hands full :)

Saturday – Woohoo! The Butt Ninjas From Hell are here today. Well, not all of them, but TC Blue is here with a guest post and a tour-wide giveaway

Annabelle Jacobs is also with us to talk about her newest book in the Torsere series, Union, and there’s a giveaway

Sunday – Wrapping up the week is Scotty Cade, who’s here to talk a little bit about his latest release, Sunrise Over Savannah, and the upcoming sequel, Chasing the Horizon, and there’ll be a giveaway too

And that does it for this coming week. Until next time, happy reading!